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Passport application for adults (DOC) (PDF)

Passport application form for minors 12 to 17 years old (DOC) (PDF)

Passport application form for minors under the age of 12 (by mail) (DOC) (PDF)

Theft/loss/deterioration report form (DOC) (PDF)

Photo authentication form for minors 12 years of age (DOC) (PDF)

Consent form of the other parent of minor children (DOC) (PDF)

Tutelary judge request form (DOC) (PDF)

Declaration of no impediment for parents of minors (DOC) (PDF)


Form to request certificate of accompaniment for minors under 14 years of age (DOC) (PDF)


Application Form for recognition in Italy of health service performed abroad (DOC) (PDF)


 Registry office

Marital capacity request form (DOC) (PDF)

Marriage clearance request form (DOC) (PDF)

Divorce transcript request form (DOC) (PDF)

Marriage transcript request form (DOC) (PDF)

Death transcript request form (DOC) (PDF)

Birth transcription request form (DOC) (PDF)

Civil union transcription request form (DOC) (PDF)

Special power of attorney for marriage banns (DOC) (PDF)

Marriage banns request form (DOC) (PDF)

Modello Art. 39 - Form D180 (PDF)



(Form A) Citizenship Application form for non-UK citizens (PDF)

(Form B) Citizenship Application form for citizens of Italian and British linegae from birth (parents registered with AIRE at this Consulate) (PDF)



AIRE registration form for adults (DOC) (PDF)

Change of address/transfer/repatriation form (DOC) (PDF)

AIRE enrolment form for minor living only with a foreign parent (DOC) (PDF)

AIRE enrolment or transfer in residence for minors without consent of other parent (DOC) (PDF)

Consent to transfer of residence/change of residence for minor (DOC) (PDF)


Notary office

Application form for recognition of British adoption (DOC) (PDF)



Certificate request form (DOC) (PDF)

Dichiarazione di rimpatrio (DOC) (PDF)



Declaration of Valor request form (DOC) (PDF)

Tax Identification Number Request Form (PDF) (Instructions for completion)