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Exploratory notice for the acquisition of display of interest in participating to the negotiation process ex art. 36 comma 2, d.lgs 50/2016, for the appointment of a contractor for printing electoral material, including ballot papers, packaging and sending by post of voting packs for the Italian political elections to be completed by September the 7th 2022

The Consulate of Italy intends to acquire displays of interest in order to proceed to appoint a printing company as a contractor for: printing and mailing service aimed at sending 82,000 envelopes to Italians living in North England on the occasion of the POLITICAL ELECTIONS that will take place on September 25th 2022.



To supply, print and collate around 82,000 voting packs each consisting of:

a) 1 x C5 (oversize) window envelope (electoral pack), printed black on white (B&W) with the Consulate’s address and logo plus PPI, (window sized to allow addressee and MailMark plus one barcode or QR to be visible);

b) 1 x C5 (undersize) Business Reply envelope B&W – with address, barcode and a footnote;

c) 1 x C6 peel & seal, not transparent, white envelope (approx. 16.2 x 11.4 cm) size and weight to be confirmed;

d) 2 ballot papers (voting cards), size 42 x 22 cm, printed on 90 gr/sqm, wood free paper, in two colour recto and two colour verso, with party logos, names of candidates and wording to be supplied at a later date (by 30th August 2022), folded as per our instructions;

e) 2 x A4 sheet with the list of candidates (one for the Chamber of Deputies and one for the Senate);

f) 1 x A4 one-sided B&W personalised form (Electoral Certificate) with the recipient’s name, addressee and barcode placed to be visible through the window of item a), the bottom part of the form should be perforated and detachable from the upper part;

g) 1 x A4 double sided information sheet, in colour on the reverse;

The text for all of the above documents will be sent by secure electronic means or placed on a memory stick that will be provided by the Consulate and handed over by hand as soon as available.



Item d) duly folded, item c), b), e), f) to be inserted into item a).

The 82,000 C5 filled and sealed envelopes (item a) are to be posted by September 7th 2022 directly by the Printing and Mailing Company, using the Consulate’s Royal Mail account. Proof of packs posted must be provided to the Consulate.

This notice is exclusively to invite display of interest from potentially interested economic operators and to inform the Consulate their availability to present an offer. It is not in any way binding for the Consulate, which reserves its right to identify the number of suitable subjects (maximum five) to whom send a letter of invitation to bid.

All subjects admitted to participate will be required to demonstrate:

1) Registration to the Chamber of Commerce or Company House or in the professional or commercial bar of the country of residence, acting as provider of services similar to the above mentioned.

2) Solid economic and financial capacity through submission of the last balance sheet.

3) Self-assessment certifying not to be or having never declared bankruptcy, liquidation, compulsory administration, or any other similar circumstances, and not having any of the above ongoing proceedings based on the legislation of the State the company belongs to.

4) Self-assessment certifying to be up to date with tax payments according to the present legislation in the country of residence.

5) To be up to date with their workers’ social welfare payments according to the present legislation in the country of residence.

6) Self-assessment certifying to employ and introduce into the Consulate only ‘CE certified equipment’ that is conforming to the current Health and Safety regulations.

7) Not to have received any kind of fine concerning safety according to what is established by competent authorities and to be able to carry out their services conforming to the current regulations.

8) Not to have been subject to equitable rescission due to their own responsibility.

9) Technical and professional skills verifiable through a minimum of five years previous experience in the requested service (report of the jobs carried out in the last 5 years)

10) Being in possession of relevant licences from local authorities to show that the Company is qualified to certify and maintain systems, as specified above, enabled to release certifications, to be responsible for handling logbooks of compulsory maintenance in accordance with EU and UK Directive.


The interested companies should submit a participation form (Annex A) by email to: specifying in the object: “DISPLAY OF INTEREST, PRINTING OF ELECTORAL MATERIAL”.

Deadline for the application: 2nd August 2022.

The selected Companies will receive a letter of invitation to bid containing the specifics of the offering.


Manchester, 27th July 2022

Project Manager (RUP)

Paola Mantovani