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Passports and Electronic ID card (CIE)

Passport application for adults (DOC) (PDF)

Passport application for under 18s (from 12 to 17 years)  (DOC) (PDF)

Passport application for children under 12 (by post)   (DOC) (PDF)

Reporting a passport stolen/lost/damaged  (DOC) (PDF)

Photo authentication form for children under 12 years of age  (DOC) (PDF)

Consent form to be completed by the other parent of under 18s (DOC) (PDF)

Application to obtain an authorization for issuing a document (DOC) (PDF)

Declaration of the absence of impediments for parents of under 18s (DOC) (PDF)


Form for requesting a minor’s accompanying certificate for children under 14 (DOC) (PDF)


Form for requesting recognition of healthcare service provided abroad (DOC) (PDF)


Application for assistance and statutory declaration   (DOC) (PDF)



Application by descent (iure sanguinis) PDF

Reacquisition of Italian citizenship (DOC)

Reacquisition of Italian citizenship  lost due to marriage to a British citizen before 01/01/1949 (British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act of 1914 (DOC)



Application for marital capacity (Monaco Convention of 1980) (DOC) (PDF)

No impediment to marriage (DOC) (PDF)

Registration of divorce (DOC)(PDF)

Registration of marriage (DOC) (PDF)

Registration of death (DOC) (PDF)

Registration of birth (DOC) (PDF)

Registration of civil union (DOC) (PDF)

Special power of attorney for marriage banns (DOC)(PDF)

Marriage  (DOC) (PDF)

Article 39 Model – Form D180  (PDF)

Bilingual statutory declaration (DOC) (PDF)



Joint affidavit of an act of notoriety for minors (DOC) (PDF)

Affidavit of demographic and civil status in respect of minors (DOC) (PDF)

Declaration of consent for the change of name for adults (DOC)(PDF)

Application for change of name or surname for adults (DOC)(PDF)



E.T.D. (Electronic Travel Document) form for adults  (DOC) (PDF)

E.T.D. form for minors (DOC) (PDF)

Authentication of a photograph for E.T.D. issuance  (DOC)(PDF)

Authentication of a photograph for E.T.D. issuance for children under 12 years (DOC)(PDF)



AIRE (Registry of Italians Residing Abroad) registration form for adults (DOC) (PDF)

Change of address/transfer/repatriation form (DOC) (PDF)

AIRE registration for minors living with only one foreign parent (DOC) (PDF)

AIRE registration or change of address of a minor without the consent of the other parent (DOC) (PDF)

Consent for the transfer of residence/change of domicile for a minor (DOC)(PDF)



Recognition of a British adoption (DOC) (PDF)



Applying for a certificate (DOC) (PDF)

Customs exemption (DOC)(PDF)



 Introduction of ashes to Italy (DOC) (PDF)

Introduction of mortal remains to Italy (DOC) (PDF)



Self-certification (PDF)

Validation of credentials (DOC)(PDF)

Tax identification code (codice fiscale) (PDF) (Istruzioni)



Registration in the associations’ register (DOC)