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Consular fees


Consular fees


The fees for the consular services provided by the Consulate of Italy in Manchester are published below. The payment currency is exclusively the pound sterling (GBP). At present, the permitted methods of payment are:

- for at-the-counter services, cash and UK debit card;

- for services provided via post, Postal Orders addressed to Consulate of Italy.

Please note that if paying by debit card, bank fees will apply. Credit cards, American Express non-UK cards etc. will not be accepted; contactless or Applepay payments are not permitted.

If the payment is made by Postal Order, it has to be addressed to Consulate of Italy and for each Postal Order GBP 0.85 must be added to the amount shown in the following table to cover the bank fees.

Consular fees are updated quarterly (1 April-July-October-January) following the fluctuations in the Euro/GBP exchange rate. If making use of a service provided via post in the fifteen days prior the above-mentioned months, it is recommended to wait for the new rates to be published (around the 18th-20th of the previous month), in order to state the correct amount on the Postal order.



Passport valid for all countries (including cost of passport booklet and administrative fee)

Passport valid for all countries (including cost of booklet and administrative fee) in case of payment by postal order


£ 101.00



£ 101.85



Emergency fees art. 74 £ 43.60
ETD - Emergency Travel Document   £ 1.40
New electronic identity card (including GBP 14.90 value print) art. 28c £ 19.20
Duplicate of an electronic identity card (including printed at GBP 14.90 value) art. 28d £ 23.70
Posting of Marriage Banns art. 3 £ 5.30
Certificate of Executed Marriage Banns art. 2c £ 5.30
NAA stamp duty (Decrees and petitions)   £ 14.00
Certificato contestuale (Certificate proving one's residence, citizenship and unmarrie status) art. 8 £ 9.60
Certificato di capacitá matrimoniale (Marital Capacity Certificate or Nulla Osta art. 2d £ 5.30
Citizenship certificate

art. 4a

art. NAA

£. 9.60

£ 14.00

Application for Italian Citizenship by descent AND marriage to an Italian man before 1983

art. 7bis

£ 261.20

Application for Italian Citizenship by marriage

Legalisation of the applicant's signature

art. NAA

art. 24

£ 14.00

£ 12.20

Conformity of English translation into Italian 

art. 72a

£ 11.40 per sheet

Certified copy

art. 71

£ 8.80 per sheet

Declaration of renouncement to the Italian citizenship

art. 4b

art. NAA

£ 35.70

£ 14.00

Requeste of refund for the application of Citizenship by marriage

art. NAA

£ 14.00

Signature authentication art. 24 £ 12.20
Parenthal authorisation to travel for children under 10 accompanied by a third party art. 19 £ 17.50
Declaration of accompaniment for minor   free
Authentication of health service performed abroad art 66n £ 35.70
Authentication of the Italian translation of the health service performed abroad art 72a £ 11.40 per sheet
Measure of Consular authority exercising the powers of tutelary judge art. 31a + art. 31b £ 19.20
Declaration of value art. 66n £ 35.70
Tax code   free
Authentication of the Italian translation of a Degree Certificate art. 72a £ 11.40 per sheet
Introduction of remains or ashes into Italy artt. 66h-67 £ 35.70 + £ 14.00
Certificates of discharge art. 69 £ 20.90
Citizenship certificate

art. 4a

art. NAA

£ 9.60

£ 14.00

Certificate of consular registration 

art. 68

£ 17.50

Rimpatrio certificate   free
Certificate of identity confirmation art. 8 £ 9.60