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Application for recognition in Italy of health service performed abroad


Application for recognition in Italy of health service performed abroad

Application for recognition in Italy of health service performed abroad

Under Law No. 735 of July 10, 1960, Italian citizens may apply for recognition in Italy of health service performed abroad for the purpose of participating in public competitions and as a qualification for evaluation thereof. Recognition is done through the issuance of a decree by the Ministry of Health or the Regions. It is possible to check the relevant body for their specific case on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Those who have served in the British health system in the Manchester Consulate's constituency can apply to our offices for endorsement (which is NOT recognition, but a "Visa for Confirmation") of the relevant documentation.

To obtain such endorsement, the following documentation is required:

- application form

- copy of a valid identity document (passport or Italian ID card);

- copy of the employment certification (see content below);

- a translation into Italian (made by a professional translator);

- pa pre-stamped and pre-addressed special delivery envelope (A4 format) with the address at which you wish to receive the endorsed documents;

- bank transfer for the payment of the following consular fees: Authentication of translation into Italian (Art. 72A for each sheet in which the translation consists) and Consular Attestation (Art. 66N for each certificate) + bank commissions.

The above must be sent to:

       Consulate of Italy
       58 Spring Gardens, II Floor.
       M2 1EW Manchester.

Incomplete or incorrect practices will not be processed. At the time of processing the application, the user will receive the instructions to pay consular fees at the email address indicated in the form (authentic Italian translation - art. 72 A per sheet + endorsement - art. 66 N for each certification of use - see consular perceptions) by bank transfer. Without payment of perceptions the practice will not be worked

Incomplete or incorrect paperwork will not be processed.

ATTENTION! Before submitting the application for endorsement, you must carefully check that the employment certification contains ALL of the following:

• Applicant's full name;

• Role;

• Salary band of reference;

• Salary;

• Period for which the service was rendered (if the service is still in progress, the date of the certification will mark the end of the recognized period);

• Department (if serving in different departments at the same time, the main duties performed should be specified);
• Type of contract (part time or full time).

IMPORTANT. It is necessary to state the legal nature of the Institution or Body in whose employ you served, i.e. whether it is a "Public Institution" or a "Public Interest Institution" or a "Private Non-Profit Institution" affiliated with the British National Health Service, NHS. This statement must be included as the last paragraph in the certificate of service issued by the Institution/body (example: it is also stated that the is a "public interest"/"private non-profit institution" that is part of/is affiliated with the British National Health Service, NHS). The certification must be signed by an administrative figure in the institution from which the role is evident (e.g., Finance Director, Director of HR or Director of Workforce).

For information, please write to

(Updated on 3rd on January)