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Declaration of Accompaniment for minor


Declaration of Accompaniment for minor

If a minor under the age of 14, with an Italian travel document, is to travel abroad accompanied by a person other than their parents, or entrusted to the personnel of an airline, a Declaration of Accompaniment is required, stating the name of the person, entity or transportation company acting as the escort. The Declaration of Accompaniment will be valid for a maximum of 6 months, for a single round trip with a specified destination.

The declaration will be issued by post. In this case, the minor’s parents have to submit the following:
- copy of the identity documents of both parents;

- copy of an Italian identity document of the minor, valid for expatriation;

- copy of an identity document of the accompanying person, valid for expatriation;

- relevant form, completed and signed by both parents;

- Pre-franked envelope complete with the address at which you wish to receive the foster care declaration.

The documents must be sent to:

Consulate of Italy - Notary Office
The Chancery, 2nd floor
58 Spring Gardens - II Floor
M2 1EW - Manchester

IMPORTANT! If either parent is a non-EU citizen (including British citizens), they will be contacted to notarize their signature, an assessment for which they may have to present themselves at the Consulate’s counters in person.