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Validation of credentials


Validation of credentials

What it is

In order to have British qualifications recognized in Italy, either for the continuation of studies or for work purposes, it is necessary for the relevant Consulate of Italy to issue a document called "Validation of credentials". The nature of this document is merely informative and describes the foreign qualification, providing all useful elements to allow the relevant Authorities in Italy to assess it for its recognition in the Italian legal system. A Validation of Credential does not imply any recognition, equivalence or approval of the qualification to which it refers. It will be the relevant entities in Italy (Ministry of Education, Ministry of University and Research, Provincial School Offices, Universities, etc.) to later establish the equivalence of said qualifications to the corresponding qualifications within the Italian system.

How to request it

This Consulate may only validate educational or professional credentials issued by secondary or academic institutions or officially recognized professional bodies based within our consular district. Applications can only be sent by post, addressed to Consulate of Italy - Notary - 58 Spring Gardens,  Manchester M2 1EW, attaching the following:

- application form duly completed (including home address and telephone numbers) and signed by the applicant with handwritten signature;

- photocopy of a valid identity document of the applicant (passport or identity card);

- copy of the qualification, certified and verified by a notary public / solicitor practicing in the United Kingdom and legalized (ATTENTION: the notary must state the verification of the qualifications and the accreditation of the institution that issued the title, for example with the words "I certify that the degree is authentic and that I have verified it at the reference institute", in English or in Italian);

- only in case of academic qualifications of each level (Bachelor, Master, MPhil, PhD) and Postgraduate Certificate of Education / Bachelor of Education, including a professional translation into Italian (it is advisable to obtain it from a professional translator) and the Diploma Supplement issued by the University;

- depending on the educational / professional qualification, a letter certifying information about it (see information below);

Applications do not need to be accompanied by any postal money order or receitpt of payment whatsoever.

If a validation is required for enrolment in one of Italy's Universities, or for a school transfer from the United Kingdom to Italy, the service is free (evidence of what precedes must be attached, i.e. copy of University enrolment). In all other cases, the applicant will receive instructions on how to pay the consular fees by bank transfer only (validation of credentials on the spot - art. 66n + endorsement of Italian translation of the Degree certificate for each page - art. 72).


Information letter

Based on your educational or professional qualification, you need a letter stating information about it, as per the instructions below.

A. For High School / Professional Qualifications: Certificate of attendance from the School / College stating the following:

- applicant's name, surname, date of birth

- dates of enrollment / matriculation

- legal duration of the course

- explanations about the scale of values ​​used for the final grade

B. For Academic Qualifications: "Higher Education Achievement Report - HEAR" (issued by some Universities) or complete transcript of the exams, containing the following information:

- applicant's name, surname, date of birth, date of first registration;

- legal duration of the course;

- full time or part time mode

- total number of ECTS credits

- if a period of training abroad was envisaged to carry out studies, internships or research at a University or company

- if a final thesis or presentation of a project was envisaged

- explanations about the scale of values ​​used for the final grade

C. For Doctorate (PhD): Letter from the University, stating:

- applicant's name, surname, registration date

- minimum legal duration of the course

- if the course was full time or part time

- if the course included research or training periods

- requirements for admission to the PhD program.

D. For a Postgraduate Certificate of Education/Bachelor of Education, original confirmation letter from QTS, issued by the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL), formerly Teaching Regulation Agency, formerly General Teaching Council.

Updated on 13/01/2023